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  • Spinal Tap dollsSideshow Toys' poseable David, Derek and Nigel dolls, released in the fall of 2000, are dressed as the band members appeared in the film while performing "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You (Tonight)." Sculpted by Mat Falls, the dolls are 12-inches tall and based on photographic studies of each band member. David comes with a Cherry Burst Gibson Les Paul guitar, Jeanine's zodiac sketch pad and a miniature Intravenus De Milo album. Nigel has a white Flying V guitar, an amp knob that goes to 11 and the Shark Sandwich album. Derek has a white B.C. Rich Eagle bass, a foil-wrapped zucchini and the Rock and Roll Creation album. Each figure also comes with a guitar-shaped, autographed foot stand and arrives in a "full color" black box. You also can view a few photos of the action figures in action. To purchase figures, try eBay.
  • Old Glory sells an Electric Banana T-shirt.
  • The London Postcard Company may still have trading cards, or check eBay.
  • As you've probably figured out, he best place to find a variety of Tap memorabilia is eBay. Knickknacks from the 1992 tour, such as these red satin panties (above), often show up at auction.
  • The Spinal Tap CollectionIn 1999, Ray-Ban introduced a sunglasses collection called Spinal Tap. Ray-Ban claimed, incredibly, that the collection had no connection to the band. They named it after a medical procedure? There's also a Spinal Tap snowboard: "The Spinal Tap can conquer any terrain you choose. A great board for bigger, heavier riders."
  • For posters, check eBay.

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