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Back From the DeadBack From the Dead
The Label Industry, 2009
Songs: Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight (2:42); Back From The Dead (4:06); (Funky) Sex Farm (4:30); Rock 'n' Roll Creation (5:05); Jazz Oddyssey I (2:19); Gimme Some Money (2:33); Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (3:20); Heavy Duty featuring Keith Emerson (4:57); America (3:39); Jazz Oddyssey II (2:00); (Listen to the) Flower People (Reggae Stylee) (3:20); Hell Hole (3:35); Big Bottom; (3:39) Celtic Blues (1:25); Jazz Oddyssey III (2:17); Warmer Than Hell (3:51); Stonehenge (4:30); Short and Sweet featuring John Mayer, Steve Vai, Phil Collen (6:35); Cups and Cakes (1:41); Bonus: (Listen to the) Flower People (2009)
Notes: Includes
one-hour DVD and pop-up diorama package that unveils three 12-inch action figures cutouts with a proportionally sized Stonehenge. The bonus track is available only on Amazon MP3 digital album. The album is also available on 11-inch vinyl.
Availability: Amazon, iTunes

Saucy Jack
Single, released online 2009.

Warmer Than Hell
Single, released online July 2007.

Back From the Dead
MP3, 4:04, 5MB
Single released online, July 2000.

Break Like the WindBreak Like the Wind
Dead Faith/MCA, 1992, #MCAP10514; MCA, 2000 (remastered)
Songs: Bitch School (2:51), The Majesty of Rock (3:55), Diva Fever (3:06), Just Begin Again (4:53), Cash On Delivery (3:04), The Sun Never Sweats (4:24), Rainy Day Sun (3:42), Break Like the Wind (4:35), Stinkin' Up the Great Outdoors (2:50), Springtime (4:02), Clam Caravan (3:37), Christmas With the Devil (4:33), Now Leaving on Track 13 (2:08), All The Way Home (2:09).
Notes: A version of the album on vinyl picture disc was issued in the U.S. as a promotion and sold in the U.K. One side contains the artwork from the album cover, the other shows a Spinal Tap logo and song list. The album also was released as a nonfunctioning promotional 8-track.
Availability: Amazon, iTunes

Spinal Tap SoundtrackSpinal Tap: The Original Soundtrack Recording from the Motion Picture This Is Spinal Tap
Polydor, 1984, #POL-817846; Uni/Polydor, 2000 (remastered)
Songs: Hell Hole (3:06), Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight (2:35), Heavy Duty (4:26), Rock 'N Roll Creation (4:06), America (3:29), Cups and Cakes (1:31), Big Bottom (3:31), Sex Farm (3:19), Stonehenge (4:36), Gimme Some Money (2:24), (Listen To The) Flower People (2:33)
Notes: Not to be confused with Smell the Glove, their 1982 release. (They have similiar covers.) The remastered version released in Fall 2000 comes with expanded liner notes (including lyrics) and the single and "scratch" mixes of Christmas With The Devil.
Availability: Amazon, iTunes

Bitch School
MCA Records UK, 1992, #MCSTP1624
Songs: Bitch School (2:52), Springtime (4:05), Talk With Tap Part 1 (2:06)
Notes: Stonehenge-shaped 12-inch LP with Bitch School poster

Bitch SchoolBitch School
MCA Records UK, 1992
Songs: Bitch School (2:52), Springtime (4:05), Talk With Tap Part 2 (1:59)
Notes: Picture sleeve (#MCS1624), compact disc (#MCSTD1624), 7-inch promo with picture sleeve (#MCSDJ1624)

The Majesty of RockThe Majesty of Rock
MCA Records UK, 1992
Songs: The Majesty of Rock (3:59), Stinkin' Up the Great Outdoors (2:53), Talk With Tap Part 3 (5:03)
Notes: Picture sleeve (#MCS1629); compact disc (#MCSTD1629); 12-inch purple vinyl "Special Etched Disc," with roast beef scratch & sniff sticker, does not include Talk with Tap but a matte on gloss Spinal Tap heraldic crest (#MCSTP1629).

The Majesty of Rock
MCA Records, 1992
Songs: The Majesty of Rock (3:59)
Notes: Promo CD single with inserts.

Christmas With the DevilChristmas with the Devil b/w Christmas with the Devil (scratch mix)
Enigma Records, 1984, picture sleeve (#E-1143) and limited edition (#E-1144)
Notes: This is a different recording than the song released on Break Like the Wind and includes a message from the band as the song fades: "This is Spinal Tap, wishing you and yours the most joyous of holiday seasons. God bless us everyone." The scratch mix begins with the sound of a needle scratching across record grooves and does not include the holiday message. Scott Sookman of Vinyl Hell magazine writes: "This was the only release of this song, which the band performed in May 1984 on Saturday Night Live, until a version appeared on Break Like the Wind in 1992. Since it was released as a promotional item to radio stations, it contains the same song on both sides. It was issued in a black-and-white sleeve with the Spinal Tap logo and devil artwork. This version of Christmas With the Devil also appears on the compact disc Rarities Volume 8 (Christmas) issued by the Westwood One Radio Company in 1991."

Christmas with the DevilChristmas with the Devil

Hard Rock Cafe: '80s Heavy Metal
Rhino Records, 1998
Collection of 16 metal classics, including Big Bottom. Purchase

Sleighed: The Other Side of Christmas
Uni/Hip-O Records, 2000
Collection of 12 holiday rock classics, including Christmas with the Devil. Purchase

Holiday Collection, Volume 3
Holiday Collection
MCA Special Products Division, Hand Records, 1993 (#22117)
We Three Kings (1:19)
Sold as Christmas promotional item by Nordstrom department stores to benefit childrens' hospitals. The song also appears on another compilation album, Share the Wonder (Star Systems, 1993, #CR-1004). Download the MP3 (1:10, 1.1MB).

Tap's other albums are out of print:

Listen to the Flower PeopleSpinal Tap Sings (Listen to the) Flower People and Other Favorites
Megaphone, 1967
(Listen to the) Flower People (2:33), Have a Nice Death
Released in England as Spinal Tap

We Are All Flower People
Megaphone, 1968
We Are All Flower People, To Fly, I Am Flight, Get Me Away From the Ground, The Incredible Flight of Icarus P. Anybody
Rereleased in 1969 without title track as The Incredible Flight of Icarus P. Anybody

Silent But Deadly
Megaphone, 1969
Short 'N Easy (18:37), Breakfast of Evil, Silent But Deadly
Live album

Megaphone, 1970 (#NLA184)
Big Bottom (3:31), Lie Back and Take It, Swallow My Love, Brainhammer

Nerve Damage
Megaphone, 1971

Blood to Let
Megaphone, 1972
Blood to Let

Intravenus de MiloIntravenus de Milo
Megaphone, 1974 (#DST2891)
Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight (2:35), Saliva of the Fittest

The Sun Never Sweats
Megaphone, 1975 (#DS201)
Daze of Knights of Old, The Princess and the Unicorn, The Obelisk, The Sun Never Sweats (4:24), Stonehenge (4:36)

The Sun Never SweatsJap Habit
Megaphone, 1975
Nice 'N Stinky, Devil Take the Hindmost, Nocturnal Mission (instrumental)
Live triple album; U.S. release was double album

Bent for the Rent
Megaphone, 1976
When a Man Looks Like a Woman; High Heels, Hot Wheels; Heavy Duty (4:26), Bent for the Rent

Tap Dancing
Megaphone, 1976

Rock n Roll CreationRock 'N Roll Creation
Megaphone, 1977 (#NLA1249)
Songs: Young, Smug and Famous, Rock 'N Roll Creation (4:06)
Notes: Also known as The Gospel According to Spinal Tap.

Shark Sandwich
Polymer, 1980 (#D18892)
Songs: No Place Like Nowhere, Throb Detector, Sex Farm (3:19)

Shark SandwichSmell The Glove
Polymer, 1982
Songs: Hell Hole (3:06), Smell the Glove.
Notes: All-black cover (rejected alternative cover shown below).

Heavy Metal Memories
Metalhouse, 1983 (#D404)
Songs: Sex Farm (3:19), Stonehenge (4:36), The Incredible Flight of Icarus P. Anybody, Blood to Let, Big Bottom (3:31), Brainhammer, Silent But Deadly, Bent for the Rent, Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight (2:35), Break Like the Wind (4:35), Cups and Cakes (1:31), Rainy Day Sun (3:42), (Listen to the) Flower People (2:33), Heavy Duty (4:26), The Sun Never Sweats (4:24), (Again With the) Flower People, Nice 'N Stinky, Rock 'N Roll Creation (4:06), Gimme Some Money (2:24)

Smell the Glove AlternativeHeavy Metal Memories

SexxUnreleased Albums
Flak Packet, Here's More Tap, Lusty Lorry, SEXX! (abandoned motion picture soundtrack).

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