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TIST (tran)script

Text format by Svein Halvorsen (87k)

Zipped by Svein Halvorsen (30k)

PDF Acrobat by John Reynolds (159k)


A Chat with Spinal Tap
1996 transcript from Hollywood Online

A Chat With Derek
Metal Edge magazine (January 2001)

Another Chat with Derek
from Playboy.com

Bonnie Rose's Painful Procedure
Exclusive interview with former fan club president

Guitar World Interview
classic April 1992 interview with Guitar World

Ian Faith Lives!
He didn't croak after all (1992 article from Spy)

Nancy Bauer and Sean Wright-Anderson
Exclusive interview with two of the creators of the Criterion edition of "This is Spinal Tap" (now out of print)

Nigel Tufnel Interview
Rare 1992 interview taken from Painful Procedure, the once-official fan club newsletter

The Nose Interview
This interview, conducted in 1992, appeared in a humor magazine published in San Francisco

Peter Occhiogrosso
Exclusive interview with the author of Inside Spinal Tap, the official band biography published in 1985

Practice, Practice, Practice
An interview with the band on National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition," June 2, 2001

Secret Spinal Tap Tapes Exposed!
Prior to their June 2009 appearance at Wembley Arena, the band (along with TIST director Marty DiBergi) sat down for an interview with Vanity Fair. You can listen to the audio or read the transcript.

Spinal Tap Sculptor
An exclusive interview with Mat Falls of Sideshow Toys, who sculpted the Tap action figures

Viv Savage Lives!
This interview with the former Tap keyboardist first appeared in the Nose, a humor magazine.


Action Figures in Action
Cosmic Shambles offers five of her 67-image collection of the Spinal Tap dolls in repose. Warning: One photo is particularly disturbing

Concert Photos
exclusive photos from 1984 Chicago performance

every album that goes to 11

Frequently Unasked Questions (FUQ)
maintained by Joe Blevins and updated monthly

I'm With the Band
an exclusive list of every member of Tap

Lost Footage
a description of the best scenes from the 4.5-hour director's cut of This is Spinal Tap

Meet the Artists
Stagebill bio from 2001 Carnegie Hall show

Mockumentaries Galore
other movies that Tapheads will enjoy

Official History
from the Break Like the Wind press kit

Painful Procedure
download the 1992 official fan club newsletter

Tap on Marty "The Butcher" DiBergi
bitter afterthoughts from the band, from the former official fan club newsletter, Painful Procedure

Tap Timeline
exclusive run-down of Tap's history

Thoughts on Tap
thoughts and comments posted to alt.fan.spinal-tap

More Thoughts on Tap
thoughts and comments sent to the fan site

Unconfirmed Rumors
posted at the official site


ABCs of Spinal Tap
An homage to Tap from More Luv Letters: Star Poems by the Readers of Teen-o-rama

History of the Mockumentary
by Ethan de Seife / University of Wisconsin
see also The Mockumentary Cometh (Salon.com)
see also Mockumentaries Galore (list)

It's Spookily Familiar
thoughts on Tap from famous rockers

Nigel Tufnel Guitar Lesson
classic 1992 feature from Guitar World magazine

Nigel Tufnel's Guitar Collection
classic 1992 feature from Guitar World magazine

Origins of Stonehenge
Ian Gillan of Black Sabbath explains how his band came up with the idea of doing a Stonehenge show

Scene Report: Los Angeles
Reports from the front row of the Los Angeles concert, September 5, 2000

Scene Report: Back From the Dead
Reports from the road, Summer 2001

Spinal Tap: Absolution for Rock n' Roll? Or Just Another Media Gimmick?
Hugh Asnen explains Tap's confirmation of the ideas of social theorist Walter Benjamin

Stylistic Competencies, Musical Humor, and This is Spinal Tap
Music professor John Covach of the University of North Carolina contributes an insightful analysis of Spinal Tap's greatest hits

Tap on the Bitch School Misunderstanding
the boys explain exactly what they meant with this controversial song

This One Goes to 11
Philip Ball reports in Nature on how heavy metal music can physically move its fans

Trivia Quiz
Rate yourself as a Taphead

Up to 11: a full harmonic-melodic analysis of Nigel Tufnel’s genre-bending Trademark Solo in Spinal Tap
Writing in Guitar World, George Howlett examines the influences behind Nigel's signature performance


All-Music Guide
entry by Barry Weber

Making Time: Guide to '60s British Music
the entry for Spinal Tap

Rocklopedia Brittanicus
the entry for Spinal Tap

Spinal Tap A to Zed
550+ entries about the band

Discussion & Reviews

This Usenet discussion group averages about five new messages a day. I have collected a number of great thoughts and comments over the years. Before you post, check out the Frequently Unasked Questions compiled by Joe Blevins, which is posted to the group on the 11th of each month. If you can't reach the newsgroup through your ISP, visit via Google's Deja service. It also holds the earliest known Usenet reference to Spinal Tap, from 1984.

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