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Official Site
The official site relaunched on March 2, 2009, then later went on hiatus, then relaunched in June 2021. The previous site is archived here.

Tappus Norwegicus
Svein is back with Mark II of his trendsetting Tap page. The European capital of Tap.

Harry Shearer
Loads of material devoted to Derek Smalls.

Other fan sites:

  • Spinal Tap entry at Wikipedia
  • TIST at Internet Movie Database (rating goes to 11)
  • TIST at The Four-Word Film Review
  • Spinal Tap Chess
    Chessvariants.com presents a chess game that goes to 11, created by David Short. Includes a computer play download and links to variations of the variation.
  • Elwin Wu [last update: 3/27/95]
    Was this the original Spinal Tap fan site? It has been removed from rhino.harvard.edu/elwin, where it resided for more than six years, but I archived a copy.
  • George Ferguson
    Another early Tap tribute, recently updated after a four-year hiatus. Includes the Tap entry from Rocklopedia Brittanicus and a discography with album covers.
  • Bobbi Cowan
    "In which Spinal Tap emerge with the story of my life..."
  • Marshall amps official site
    For some reason, it only goes to 10.
  • Shank Hall
    The Milwaukee venue where Tap played during the 1982 tour has been torn down, but a club with the same name in east Milwaukee uses a tiny Stonehenge as its logo.
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