Spinal Tap A to Zed

Derek at the airportZucchini: The vegetable wrapped with foil by roadie Moke during the 1982 tour so that Derek could put the expand back in his Spandex. ("It's not a cucumber," Derek has pointed out. "A cucumber is all pimply.") Using a vegetable to enhance Derek’s "power zone," as David has noted, "was certainly less painful than collagen." Derek considers the vegetable a sort of "trouser make-up," and Nigel calls it "Trouser Helper." Arsenio Hall once asked if the ladies have ever been disappointed to learn the bulge is a zucchini. "No," said Derek. "They have their choice." Derek also told Arsenio that to avoid any future airport mishaps, he now wraps the zucchini in the same material the Pentagon uses to coat the Stealth bomber. See also Penis.