Spinal Tap A to Zed

Lick My Love Pump: Nigel's life work. (RL) Mozart and Bach (Mach)-influenced arrangement under development "for a few months now" when Nigel is interviewed by DiBergi in 1982 for "This is Spinal Tap." Part of a musical trilogy the guitarist was working on in D Minor, "the saddest of all keys." The piece would later appear on his solo album, "Nigel Tufnel's Clam Caravan." The guitarist envisioned "Lick My Love Pump" as the first part of a four- or five-hour work to be played by a full symphony orchestra. The theme would be evolution. "We were fish, and then the fish crawled out on the beach, and he became a monkey. Then the monkey, he went back into the water, because it was too hot. Then he started developing gills-like a fish-and started swimming in the ocean. Then he came back out again, and was then just a monkey, and then a man, and then a monkey again, I think, and then a man. So it's based on that." (GP) On the commentary for the Special Edition DVD, Nigel reported that he was still working on the piece. "It's like a Sherlock Holmes story-a lot of fog and pipes." See Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.