Spinal Tap A to Zed

Bobbi FlekmanFlekman, Bobbi: Perky, chain-smoking, "hostess with the mostess" who worked artist relations for Polymer Records at the time of DiBergi's "This is Spinal Tap." For many fans, her retort to Ian at the industry party in Atlanta-"Money talks and bullshit walks"-served as a mantra for the 1980s. One of Flekman's finer moments was cut by DiBergi from his film: As the boys struggle to record radio promos for "Hell Hole" in a hotel lobby, a naked groupie appears looking for Nigel. The guitarist announces to the room that his overnight guest is searching for her contact lens, to which Bobbi responds, "Does she need the lens to find her clothes?" Later, Bobbi tells Nigel, "Please put your hormones in your hip pocket for awhile and let's get on with this." After leaving Polymer, Flekman worked on album covers for Deutsche Gramophone. (IST) By 1992, according to Tap, she had left the recording industry completely to become a receptionist in a mortician's office. Derek: "She buried a lot of bands." (MTV) Nigel: "If she hadn't been a cheat, a liar and a bitch, she would have been a great girl." (DV) On October 1997, Flekman made an uncredited appearance as herself on an episode of the sitcom "The Nanny" (see photo).