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A is for the answer that they bring
B is for the many bells they ring
C is for their cuteness galore
D is for David and Derek we adore
E is for ever, they'll never part
F is for Flower People, close to my heart
G is for grooviness, we'll always remember
H is for St. Hubbins, the divinest member
I is for the idols they are to a kid
J is for the jamming that makes me flip my lid
K is for their kinkiness, it's very real
L is for the loudness, part of their appeal
M is for my soul, which they send to heaven
N is for Nigel, whose amps go to 11
O is for Originals, the start of Spinal business
P is for Pudding, goodbye and good riddance
Q is for the quiet they never endorse
R is for "Rock and Roll Creation," of course
S is for Spinal Tap and Squatney, whence they came
T is for Tufnel, who's truly insane
U is for unlimited, to put it mildly
V is for vibrant, which they are highly
W is for the weirdest and the woolliest
X is for the excitement at its fullest
Y is for you-all who love them so dear
Z is for zany to see and hear.

From More Luv Letters: Star Poems by the Readers of Teen-o-rama.
Written by Nanci Whitmore of Rossville, Georgia, this poem was reprinted in Inside Spinal Tap.

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