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Editor's Note: And I thought I was a hardcore Taphead. Cosmic Shambles here shares samples from her 67-image library of the Spinal Tap action figures in action. "The ideas kept coming," she says, "but I had to stop after just a few days for mental health and social reasons. It is astonishing how their facial expressions seem appropriate for every situation into which they were put. These are all are actual poses — not digital creations — with readily available household items and a few classic co-stars and their clothing, including Darth Vader, G.I. Joe, dinosaurs, trolls and a 40-year-old original bubble-hair Barbie as Jeanine." Cosmic Shambles, we salute you.

Series 1: Meet Spinal Tap (20)

Series 2: Secret Lives (15)

Series 3: Performances (21)

Series 4: Sports (11)

Photos © 2002 Cosmic Shambles. Posted with permission.

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