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Spinal Tap had just released Break Like the Wind when the band was interviewed by Jess Bravin of the Washington Post:

Bravin: Let's talk about Bitch School. Some critics are suggesting that this song is demeaning to women.
Nigel: We've heard that before, and it's frankly a mystery to us, because if you have half a brain, you'd realize the song is about dogs. It's not about women at all.
Bravin: Some of the lyrics that have been cited: "I'm gonna chain you/ Make you sleep out of doors/ You're so fetching when you're down on all fours/ And when you hear your master/ You will come a little faster, thanks to/ Bitch School."
Derek: See, it's about dog training.
Nigel: That's all. It's about training, about the discipline of our female dogs.
David: Man's best friend.
Nigel: And we, the three of us, are longtime dog lovers. It's an ode, really.
Bravin: Then why are there no dogs in the video? Instead, you have a woman in leather and fishnet stockings using whips and chains to discipline a school filled with young women in skimpy clothes.
Derek: If it had been up to us, it would have been all dogs. The place would have been crawling with them.

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